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Functional 4.0

Functional 4.0

Functional 4.0, a highly popular high-energy training class, provides an intense workout that progressively increases in intensity throughout the 50-minute session. Group training is an excellent way to boost motivation and take advantage of the benefits of this workout.

During this class, participants engage in eight unique functional exercises, each lasting 50 seconds, and complete four rounds with minimal rest in between. To challenge themselves and push to the next level, participants are encouraged to increase their reps and/or weight with each round.

The Workout

The workout is designed to be diverse, with no two classes being identical. Along with functional strength exercises, participants engage in cardiovascular exercises to achieve the desired results.

Overall, Functional 4.0 provides a complete and dynamic workout that is perfect for those looking to push themselves to their limits. By continuously challenging themselves and working to improve their performance each round, participants can achieve their fitness goals and experience the benefits of group training.

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