Wesley Wood



  • Limitless Training CEO / Founder
  • Experienced Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Triathlon Coach
  • Author of Limitless Eating


  • Diploma in Fitness & Diploma in Business
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (Canfitpro)
  • Advanced Resistance Training & Swiss Ball Course
  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • Spinning Instructor (Mad Dog)
  • Triathlon Community Coach (NCCP)
  • Olympic Lifting Coach (NCCP)
  • Level 1 Kick Boxing Canada
  • Level 2 Coaching (Basketball)
  • PADI Scuba Diving (Open Water, Advanced & Rescue Diver)
  • CPR First Aid (St. John's Ambulance)

Wesley Wood - Instructor and Personal Trainer

Wesley Wood is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach with a wealth of experience in the athletic and military arenas. He is an accomplished individual who has spent his career helping people achieve their fitness goals and maximize their potential. With his vast experience and knowledge, he has become a trusted and sought-after expert in his field.

Wesley’s background in the military has been a significant influence on his training methodology. As an Infantry section commander, he was deployed to Iraq where he conducted security operations. During his time in Iraq, he was involved in numerous combat situations where he exhibited great courage and leadership. For his bravery and outstanding performance in combat, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.


Wesley Wood’s experiences in the military have given him an unwavering commitment to hard work and dedication. He understands the importance of pushing oneself to the limit and beyond to achieve success. These values have translated into his training philosophy where he aims to help his clients unlock their potential and achieve their best.

Wesley’s approach to training is athletic-focused, which means that he believes in training the body in a way that improves athletic performance. This approach is especially useful for those who participate in sports or want to take their fitness to the next level. His methodology involves building strength, power, and endurance to improve overall athletic performance. He also emphasizes proper form and technique to prevent injury and ensure maximum gains.


In addition to his athletic focus, Wesley’s training philosophy also emphasizes results. He works closely with his clients to set achievable goals and then creates a personalized training plan that is tailored to their specific needs. He monitors progress closely and makes adjustments as needed to ensure that his clients are on track to achieving their desired results.

In summary, Wesley Wood is an accomplished personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach with a background in the military and athletics. His training philosophy is athletic focused, results-driven, and rooted in hard work and dedication. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he has become a trusted expert in his field, and his clients trust him to help them achieve their fitness goals and reach their full potential.