Personal Training

Limitless Training

Achieve the best possible results by investing in the expertise of our certified personal trainers.

Limitless Training is a highly motivating experience and second to none in Victoria.

We are committed to providing the most professional environment, while encouraging you to achieve your goals.


Motivated trains at our amazing studio a minimum of twice per week. Looking for instruction on how to reach their ultimate goal and excited to implement what they learn at Limitless in their other workouts.


Focused trains three to four days at our Limitless boutique style studio. By doing so, you can focus on every muscle group to achieve visible and measurable results. Understands that to achieve maximum results precision is key.


Obsessed trains five to six times a week at the Limitless results driven studio. Has an existing high level of fitness and is looking to raise the bar. Passionate about taking their body to the next level and wants to do so with the most precise instruction.

Things To Bring

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Sport Shoes
  • Extra Clothes

Get 3 Sessions With One Of Our Elite Personal Trainers For Just $165!

We’d love to invite you in for 3 PT sessions for just $165. We operate with zero contracts, and these classes require no obligations to sign up.