Cornelia Tan

Trainer & Instructor


Cornelia was introduced to weight training while competing in high-school track and field, where she experienced firsthand how strength and conditioning programs greatly enhanced her performance. Her on-going training contributed to a highly successful massage therapy business in Saskatoon, where she was the lead massage therapist with the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships and the 2012 Saskatchewan Roughriders training camp. Notable clients included Cirque du Soleil performers, NHL players, the Eagles, and Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickenson; she was also the personal masseuse for Axl Rose during the Canadian leg of the 2010 Guns n’ Roses tour. Cornelia continues to treat celebrity actors and singers, business owners, athletes, and regular folks here in Victoria. To this day Cornelia works consistently with her personal trainer to build strength, stamina, and muscular endurance, enabling her to compete in and teach combat sports, sea kayak on multi-
day expeditions, alpine ski, and mountain bike – and above all, deliver superior massage therapy treatments, while avoiding injuries, over a 15+ year career. Cornelia’s very knowledgeable and relaxed approach now attracts personal training clients, enabling them to successfully achieve their fitness goals as she has.