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Nic Patenaude - Personal Trainer Victoria BC

Personal Trainer & Instructor – Victoria BC


  • Personal Trainer
  • Spin Instructor
  • Triathlon Coach
  • World Duathlon Age Group Competitor


Nic Patenaude embarked on his fitness journey in early 2009 in beautiful Victoria, BC. He took his first steps in the fitness industry while volunteering at the local YMCA, where he quickly found his passion for health and fitness. As a dedicated fitness enthusiast, Nic enthusiastically participated in the YMCA’s CycleFit classes, ultimately deciding to obtain his certification through them. This marked the beginning of Nic’s remarkable journey as a fitness instructor in Victoria, BC.

Fast forward, and Nic is now a well-known figure in the local fitness scene. He not only instructs CycleFit classes at the YMCA but has also earned his BCRPA Group Fitness certification. Nic’s dedication to promoting health and fitness has led him to instruct at various other local gyms in Victoria, BC. Moreover, he’s committed to advancing his knowledge and skills by pursuing a degree in Sports & Fitness Leadership.

Nic’s educational journey has allowed him to expand his expertise in areas such as exercise physiology, health and fitness promotion, the positive impact of physical activity on mental health, and the efficient management of health and fitness programs. With his strong foundation in fitness instruction and his continuous pursuit of knowledge, Nic Patenaude is a trusted source for all things related to health and fitness in Victoria, BC.

Whether you’re looking for CycleFit classes, group fitness sessions, or valuable insights into exercise physiology, Nic Patenaude is your go-to fitness instructor in Victoria, BC. Join him on your own fitness journey and experience the benefits of his extensive knowledge and dedication to promoting a healthier lifestyle in our beautiful community.