HIIT Training

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No matter what your goal is; fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance, our HIIT (high-intensity interval training) Class will help you nail it. You will power through this 50 minute high energy class with a continuous intensity that builds lean muscle and burns fat. Group training is a great way to add extra motivation. Within this class, you will train in ten different functional exercises, each for 60 seconds and complete two rounds with minimal rest. In-between rounds the “5 Mins Body Burnout”, intense non-stop burnout. No class is ever the same; you will also combine cardiovascular and functional strength exercises to get the results you want.

We’d love to invite you in for 3 PT sessions for just $165. We operate with zero contracts, and these classes require no obligations to sign up.

Get 3 Sessions With One Of Our Elite Personal Trainers For Just $165!