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Iron Strength

Iron Strength is the name of the group training session that focuses on building strength, speed, and power. This 50-minute class is designed to challenge participants to push beyond their limits and develop the physical attributes necessary to excel in their desired activities.

During Iron Strength, participants begin with a session brief that outlines the structure and objectives for the day. The instructor then leads the group through a series of explosive movements designed to activate the muscles and prepare them for the upcoming strength exercises.

The strength movements in Iron Strength are carefully selected to target key muscle groups and improve overall power output. The class is designed to be challenging and demanding, pushing participants to their limits and helping them achieve their goals.

The high-intensity conditioning circuit that concludes Iron Strength is designed to maximize cardiovascular endurance and improve overall fitness. The instructor provides guidance and encouragement throughout the session, helping participants stay focused and motivated.

Overall, Iron Strength is an effective and dynamic group training session that challenges participants to push beyond their limits and achieve their fitness goals. By incorporating explosive movements, strength exercises, and high-intensity conditioning circuits, Iron Strength delivers a full-body workout that helps build strength, speed, and power.

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